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Mike Liskiewicz

President (Outgoing)


Hugh Veal

Vice President


Cell: 703-786-8525







Linda Lumpkin


Email Linda

Cell: 804-224-9832

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Russell Glerum

Boat and Pier Dock Master

Community Center Deck.jpg

Acting by Appointment
Tondrille Sturges






Keith Dickerson
(Running for President)

Building and Grounds

Email Keith


Fallen Leaves

Elaine Corales

Community Action

Variety of Coins

Barbara Maksimowicz
(Running for Treasure)



Email Barbara

Call:  804-761-3071 

What is the PWSCC?

The Association is a non-profit civic organization that has accepted the responsibility of the dock, the boat launch area, the community beach and the community center grounds.

The goal of the association is to maintain, preserve and improve the amenities that enhance the quality of life and add value to the land you own.

Annual dues are used to maintain common property.

Membership is completely voluntary.

Membership fee's are used for upkeep of the boat ramp area, the community center grounds, keeping the grass cut on common grounds, providing and repairing benches on the public beach area, providing trash containers and pick up service at the common area, member functions, security lights and insurance.

Your neighbors provide our leadership.

No officer draws a salary.

The Board of Directors meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 7pm at the community center. Board Meetings are not normally held in January and December

If you have something you would like addressed during the meeting, please contact a board member directly or leave your message below.


Thanks! Message sent.

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